Poor Posture leading to breathing difficulty

This patient came in with pain in and around her ribs and felt uncomfortable when breathing. She felt tight with aches and pains in her upper and lower back and felt trying to stand straight was an effort.

The before picture shows:

  • Shoulders rounded
  • Head held forward and out of alignment
  • Pelvis and lower back out of alignment with tight hip flexors
  • Gluteal (bottom) muscles not activated and lax
  • Abdominal muscles look lax
  • Rib cage compressed
  • Patient is standing more slouched/ sway back posture

After a 30 minute treatment

  • Shoulders are held back in alignment
  • Head is aligned and not pushed forward
  • Gluteal (bottom) muscles are activated and look more toned and lifted
  • Pelvis is aligned with hip flexors elongated
  • Abdominal muscles are activated, and her tummy looks flatter and more defined
  • Rib cage is no longer compressed
  • Patient is standing with overall better posture

Patient felt more mobile, looser and had no rib pain at the end of the treatment, she was relieved. It was effortless for her to stand with better posture and she was delighted that she had no pain when breathing.

Her treatment included deep tissue techniques, re-aligning of her spine, mobilisation of her mid back and stretching of her hip flexors

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