Osteopathy is a hands-on, manual therapy which helps alleviate your musculoskeletal aches and pains.

As Osteopaths we believe structure governs function. If the structure is twisted or compressed, the blood and nerve supply to every organ and function of the body is affected causing a host of ailments.

I aim to restore balance by re-aligning your body through light manipulations, myofascial release, massage and neuro-muscular techniques to help bring patients a better quality of life.


Medical acupuncture can help to reduce pain and is usually used alongside your Osteopathy treatment to help treat a range of symptoms.

Medical Acupuncture works well in acute conditions when a patient is in too much pain to handle deeper manual osteopathic techniques.

It also works well in chronic conditions because when the needle is inserted into the body, it tricks the body into thinking the injury is new, thereby kick-starting the immune system to get the body healing again.


Since gaining a post-graduate diploma in nutrition I believe, if used correctly, food can be a powerful healer. 

However, the wrong foods can have the opposite effect and so it is important you avoid or reduce the intake of certain foods. I will provide nutritional advice to compliment your osteopathic treatment.


Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex areas in the feet and hands correspond to different parts of the body.

By applying pressure to specific points, you can heal and aid recovery to that part of the body.

As a qualified reflexologist, I use reflexology techniques alongside osteopathy when treating acute conditions, post-surgery patients, fractures or when an area of complaint is too painful to be touched.


As a back and wellness expert, I deliver educational presentations on health, wellness, posture, ergonomics and pain prevention.

Since musculoskeletal problems (including back, neck and upper limb problems) are the second leading cause of people being absent from work, it is important to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to alleviate musculoskeletal issues and prevent such problems from occurring in the future.

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