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Lesley Nicol

Actress and SAG Award-winner: Downton Abbey, East is East, West is West, UK.

It is extremely reassuring to have Nadia in your life – she has prevented some very bad physical problems from developing in my body and I cannot thank her enough

Hannah Reid


I am so glad I found Nadia when I did, she genuinely cares about what she does and the people she treats. Not only does she alleviate my back pain, I leave feeling physically and emotionally stronger!
  • Melanie Grace Murphy​
    I have been seeing Nadia for many years and she has met every challenge I have faced with love and skill. First of all as a salesperson I drove every day and developed a chronic hip problem that Nadia sorted.  Then I got a cancer diagnoses and Nadia treated me through the many side effects and a major neck problem due to a tumour.  She even spotted a lump I had not noticed and sent me straight to the doctor. By doing that she averted what could have been a quite serious situation. I have to thank Nadia for taking such good care of me – she made a world of difference to my healing journey.
    Melanie Grace Murphy​
  • Richard Gibbs​
    As a Surgeon I spend a significant amount of time hunched up over patients during long operations. Nadia Alibhai came highly recommended by a Consultant Physician. Since seeing Nadia my posture has improved dramatically, and work has become very much easier as my back has both strengthened and straightened in a fairly short space of time. I would not hesitate to recommend Nadia Alibhai given my own very positive health benefits gained since consulting her.
    Richard Gibbs​
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