Nadia Alibhai

Nadia Alibhai is the director and principal Osteopath of Back 2 Well-being, a multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic based in London. 

With over 19 years of experience Nadia has practiced between London and Canada helping thousands of patients recover from a range of anatomical problems which stem from illness, poor posture, or an unhealthy lifestyle.

From stressed-out executives and famous actors to busy school-run mums, anyone that has been treated by Nadia refer to her as their ‘secret weapon on total well-being’.

Outside of Nadia’s clinical practice, she has contributed to several health- related articles and has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Evening Standard and many more.

Nadia is a regular guest speaker on ITV’s This Morning and also shares her expertise on BBC Radio London.

Nadia holds seminars for postural health and wellbeing in offices, hospitals and schools to share the importance on pain prevention.

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See what others have to say...

Lesley Nicol

Actress and SAG Award-winner: Downton Abbey, East is East, West is West, UK.

It is extremely reassuring to have Nadia in your life – she has prevented some very bad physical problems from developing in my body and I cannot thank her enough

Hannah Reid


I am so glad I found Nadia when I did, she genuinely cares about what she does and the people she treats. Not only does she alleviate my back pain, I leave feeling physically and emotionally stronger!

Devine Evans​


The hands of god have always helped guide me in one direction with my music. The hands I play with; keep me on tour buses, airplanes and hotel rooms. The hands of time remind my body how hard that lifestyle is and the hands of Nadia makes all that pain go away!!!
  • Melanie Grace Murphy​
    I have been seeing Nadia for many years and she has met every challenge I have faced with love and skill. First of all as a salesperson I drove every day and developed a chronic hip problem that Nadia sorted.  Then I got a cancer diagnoses and Nadia treated me through the many side effects and a major neck problem due to a tumour.  She even spotted a lump I had not noticed and sent me straight to the doctor. By doing that she averted what could have been a quite serious situation. I have to thank Nadia for taking such good care of me – she made a world of difference to my healing journey.
    Melanie Grace Murphy​
  • Richard Gibbs​
    As a Surgeon I spend a significant amount of time hunched up over patients during long operations. Nadia Alibhai came highly recommended by a Consultant Physician. Since seeing Nadia my posture has improved dramatically, and work has become very much easier as my back has both strengthened and straightened in a fairly short space of time. I would not hesitate to recommend Nadia Alibhai given my own very positive health benefits gained since consulting her.
    Richard Gibbs​
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