Hip and lower back pain

This patient came in with pain in both his hips which was made worse when playing football.

On examination:

  • Both hips were restricted and tight in flexion (raising the leg)
  • The spine (mainly mid and lower) was restricted
  • The sacro-iliac joint was restricted posteriorly
  • Patient was leaning forward and standing at an angle
  • Increased/ hyper lordosis (curve in his lower back) looking more arched


  • Spinal re-alignment at the thoracic and lumbar region
  • Deep tissue work on his hamstrings and quads
  • MET at the hip flexors
  • Right sacro-iliac joint and hip mobilisation


  • Patient was not leaning forward and was standing in better alignment
  • Both hips had better mobility
  • The spine was moving freely and aligned
  • The sacro-iliac joint was not restricted and was in alignment
  • The lower back curve was no longer arched

At the end of the treatment the patient felt good and had no pain. He was no longer leaning forward and was able to touch his toes. He was given homecare stretches and exercises to help maintain the post treatment result.

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