Nadia Alibhai

BSc (Hons), Ost. Med, DO, ND, GOSC


Nadia Alibhai, based in West London, is a registered Osteopath, who graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.  With over 15 years of experience, Nadia has helped thousands of patients recover from a range of anatomical problems which stem from illness, poor posture, or an unhealthy lifestyle.  

In addition to Nadia’s West London consultancy, she has built to her career aspiration by accepting the opportunities of working abroad in clinics in Toronto, Canada.  Nadia has also had the pleasure of working with the cast of such theatre and film sets as ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘The Entertainer’, amongst others.

From stressed out executives and famous actors to busy school-run mums, anyone that has been treated by Nadia refer to her as their ‘secret weapon to total well-being’.

As an Osteopath, Nadia recognises the importance of personalised care and is passionate about helping you understand your body

Osteopathy, whether alone or in combination with massage, dry needling, good nutrition, relaxation, restorative stretching and strengthening, can bring you relief from pain and discomfort. It can treat numerous ailments without the need to resort to medication. Nadia Specialises in bringing you natural relief from pain and restoring your mobility.

Outside of Nadia’s clinical practice she holds seminars for postural health and wellbeing in offices, hospitals and schools.

“My aim is to help you create positive, healthy changes in your body and mind through movement, nutrition and corrective exercises”.
– Nadia Alibhai

Nadia is recognised by leading healthcare providers including AXA PPP, Aviva, Vitality, WPA, amongst others.

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