Corporate Seminars and Events

As a back and wellness expert, I deliver educational presentations on health, wellness, posture, ergonomics and pain prevention. Since musculoskeletal problems (including back, neck and upper limb problems) are the second leading cause of people being absent from work, it is important to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to alleviate musculoskeletal issues and prevent such problems from occurring in the future.

Medical acupuncture can help to reduce pain and is usually used alongside your Osteopathy treatment to help treat a range of symptoms. […]

Since gaining a post-graduate diploma in nutrition I believe, if used correctly, food can be a powerful healer. However, the wrong foods can have the […]

Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex areas in the feet and hands correspond to different parts of the body. By applying pressure to specific […]

Osteopathy is a hands- on, manual therapy which helps alleviate your musculoskeletal aches and pains. As Osteopaths we believe structure governs […]